Beauty Standards

For my Cultural Studies class at university, for an assignment I created this infographic that speaks about the standards of beauty, specifically around race and around size. Here it is! References:!product/prd1/1000153964/ladies-cfa-wod-top Advertisements

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Creature Design

Hey Everyone! Second post here we go! My class at College is currently all working together to create a giant creature menagerie by the end of the trimester! We’ll be 3d modelling all our own individual creatures that we make as well as the different environments they’ll all be in! It’s a big task however […]

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Hey there! Here’s my first post for my wordpress! My profile also has my tumblr full of previous work, linked there! As part of my first post, I’ve decided to post some recent artworks I’ve done of some of my own original characters! I used references of existing people for all of these! They were […]

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