Creature Design

Hey Everyone! Second post here we go!

My class at College is currently all working together to create a giant creature menagerie by the end of the trimester! We’ll be 3d modelling all our own individual creatures that we make as well as the different environments they’ll all be in! It’s a big task however everyone in our class seems eager to create and work hard towards our goal! 🙂

After our class decided on a setting for our menagerie, I decided to make a pinterest board to collect images that would reflect the overall image we were hoping for in our final design of the menagerie! ( The board can be found here )

And now we are all busy trying to design all of our individual creatures!

When first starting designing we all did some rough warm up sketches. Here are my favourite ones I completed! All were done in 2 minutes!

animalgesturescheeter animalgesturesDEER animalgesturesDoge animalgesturesMONKE

After this we collected silhouettes of existing creatures that we could use to help us make new silhouettes for our own creature designs! I was nervous about doing this because I’ve not used silhouettes for creature/character designs before. My first few attempts weren’t too great because of this but after working at it long enough I ended up with some more interesting creature silhouettes!


I ended up sketching some details over the top of one of the silhouettes to see how it’d look! I quite like where the design is going and I think i’ll probably explore where I can take it further!


I do like where this design is going, but I think I’m going to continue making more silhouettes as well! I’d like to see if I can create a creature with an even more unique silhouette!!

I’ll be making another post soon about the start of my concept art project!!

-Cheers, Britt!


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