Concept Art Project – The Seven Deadly Sins

In my animation class at college everyone in my class has to create and follow through their own specialisation project to complete throughout the whole trimester. Concept art is something i’ve been passionate and eager to do for a long time, so getting the chance to work on a project completely based around it excited me!! I had a few ideas at first however the one I’m going to go through with for the theme of this concept art is The Seven Deadly Sins. However I’ll only be designing two of the sins for this project as I haven’t the time i need to design a complete set of 7.

For the project i’ll be completing 2 full character designs for 2 of the sins as well as 2 environments, one per sin, that compliments the character and reflects the sin’s characteristics. The sin’s I chose to work with for this project are Wrath and Sloth. I chose Wrath, as I plan to make him a very large, powerful character with a strong silhouette and design, something more rough which is something i’m less used to; it’s a challenge. I also chose to do Sloth because, whilst there are many representations of other sins such as Lust or Gluttony etc, there aren’t many for Sloth. With little existing material surrounding sloth I believe it’ll force me to create a more unique design.

Wrath is the character I will be creating first. And the first step to creating him was doing a mindmap of ideas.


After this, I did a bit of research on this website, which had a lot of really interesting information about all the sins.

Drawing inspiration from both my mindmap and the research, I created a few silhouette thumbnails, repeated them a few times and then drew details into them to make them all different. Here was the end result. WrathThumbnails

After this, I asked a handful of some of my other art friends to pick the top 4 they liked, to which I’d use the 3/4 most popular thumbnails to develop. After collecting their opinions, these 3 thumbnails were the most popular by a long shot.

thumbnail1 thumbnail2 thumnail3

At this stage, I’ve only done these rough sketches on top of the thumbnails so far, however I’d like some feedback on what people think of them so far and what they think I could add or change! 🙂

sketch1 sketch2 sketch3


One thought on “Concept Art Project – The Seven Deadly Sins

  1. Awesome drawings : ) ! I like how you transform one silhouette from knight to the half human – half animal. I’m looking forward to see how your concept art of characters and environment will evolve in your blog posts.


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