Creature Design pt.2

Hey Guys!

In my last post I discussed how I started the design process for my creature in class at college! In this post I intend to show my progress and how I came to my final design!

So after a feedback session in class I received a lot of interesting comments that helped me further my design much further!

Here are the sketches I drew based on the suggestions!

One of the animals mentioned that I could use as an inspiration was a Squirrel! With that in mind, I sketched this to try start the ideas flowing!


After this, I thought it’d be interesting to draw inspiration from meerkats!


I really liked this idea at the time, however I found it hard to figure out the anatomy of the back legs with all the images I found only showing meerkats in this upward position. In the end I had to find a youtube video about meerkats and pause it to find a frame where a meerkat was on all fours and clear enough to draw. From that, I sketched this, which gave me a better idea as to how their legs look!


At this stage I was quite happy with where my creature was at. Using all my sketches and knowledge I created this sketch of what it might look like on all fours.


I then left the design where it was at this point and came back to it later. After a re-evaluation of it, and looking back at the original feedback I’d received I wasn’t happy with where it was at. From here I did a number of follow up sketches which slowly developed into the base of my final creature.

sketchpost5 sketchpost6 sketchpost7 sketchpost8

At this stage, after working at this creature for so long and trying many different things I was a bit lost as to where to go from here. I asked Katie my lecturer for more feedback on this new design. And based on that discussion I came to this final design.



The ears of my rodent are inspired by kangaroos as they can switch them in all different direction to hear things. The feelers that come off of it’s face are used to sense the change of wind and it’s surroundings as it is a blind species. Because of this, it also uses it’s large tail and back feet to feel vibrations in the ground, so it knows when possible threats are nearby. To communicate between each other, the species use their larger back feet to thump the ground in a certain pattern. This alerts others of it’s species as they may hear the thumps or if further away, may feel the vibratios through the ground as well!

I haven’t decided on his colours just yet or a name for this species but i’m happy with wear i’m at right now. 🙂


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