Creature Design Pt.3 – Modelling

There’s been a bit of a gap between my last post and now and I apologise for that folks! I was busy last week and forgot to update! So i’ll be updating on the last 2 weeks worth of work today!

In my last Creature Design post, I discussed my design process and how I got to my final design and finally made my model sheet! And here I will discuss how over the last two weeks I started and finished my 3d model of my creature! 3d modelling is still an area that i’m not incredibly confident in yet, so I did spend a lot of time avoiding the task, in fear that after starting it would go badly. However I couldn’t avoid it forever. And once I did start I found it less intimidating then I though it would be!

In class I had begun with creating boxes for the torso and for the back of my creature as my teacher had suggested. This part wasn’t too hard as I just added loops around the boxes which easily helped me change the shape to suit the lines in my model sheet. I then begun my head too, however that didn’t go as well, i’m afraid. I’m still struggling to learn how to model while keeping topology good in the asset. Because of this, at the end of the first week, my model was looking like this, and after a discussion with one of my teachers, it was clear that a lot of editing work was necessary for my head to be salvageable.


After this discussion, my teacher showed me the cut tool. I’d heard of the tool before and briefly learnt about it in a previous trimester but hadn’t used it enough to really understand how to apply it. However after my teacher walked me through how I could use this tool to connect edges and loops in my model, I gained a bit more confidence to complete the model, as I now knew a way to fix the head and anything that might come up in the future. With a lot of work, and edge loops later, I finally fixed and completed my head.


The next part I needed to approach on my model was the legs. I was very nervous about how to do the legs, so before I did them, I asked Kate (one of my peers), about how I should go about creating them. Kate showed me simple but really effective way to turn cylinders into editable legs. It was a really good explanation and helped me create the legs without much stress! Thanks Kate! 🙂


Kate also helped me set up the base of my creature’s tail, and suggested I use a cylinder again to make it and then connect after.



After finishing all the seperate parts, I then had to connect all of them. To do this, I attached them all to the torso and back legs respectively and then target welded the vertices to each other to connect them. Here is the end result!


I probably need to do some editing on the legs and on the neck just to make it better suited for animation but otherwise i’m finished with this model! 🙂


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