Since my last concept design post, I’ve continued to work on the overall design of my own version of Wrath! I left off last time with just some sketches over thumbnails, which was just the beginning of my development. Just after I made that post, I had a discussion with Katie (our teacher), about the direction my character was going in, and from this conversation it became apparent that I had two different ideas for where his design could be going and I needed to decide on one. Those two ideas had been 1. Pirate and 2. Tyrannical King. Katie and I decided that before continuing my character I would need to decide on which direction I was specifically going for so that my final vision was more focused on one theme. Taking the feedback from this discussion, I went on to develop my character. At first I wasn’t certain what theme I wanted to go for, however after much thought, I figured it would make a lot more sense for me to go with the King theme. I already had ideas for a story I could work with for the king theme, however not so much for the pirate one. This really helped me focus my end vision and where I needed to go from there. In the end, I decided to develop this sketch in particular, because I felt the pose emitted the power I wanted the character to have.

Taking the suggestion from Katie, I looked at images of old english kings and used them as inspiration to develop the costume design of the character. All this, helped me progress my design to here.


At this stage, I was very pleased with the design but not so much with the style and the detail. In the silhouette stage I had been really pushing myself to create a character that was more top heavy so that he would seem more powerful, strong and intimidating but this current design wasn’t achieving that at all. Unhappy with the design that I had, I decided to do some rough, gesture-like sketches to the side to try and draw out the kind’ve figure I was wanting for the character.

gesture1 gesture2 gesture3

The third sketch was clearly much closer to what I was aiming for in my design. It was simpler and less realistic, which helped me realise what I needed to do to go about fixing my design. Using the third sketch as a sort of template, I sketched a new version of my character over the top of him, to keep the new proportions and added the details of the overall design to it. This was how I got here.


This was what I had been hoping to achieve in my design since the beginning. I was much happier with the proportions and the overall feeling this design was giving me. And so, I then used this sketch as the base for me to draw lineart over. And this is how I came to my completed design!



One thought on “CONCEPT PROJECT PT.2

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