Creature Design PT.4 – Modelling and Unwrapping

It’s been a while since my last post! I’ll admit i’ve been very slack with blogging and I need to update much more often. Since my last creature design post I’ve recieved feedback from my lecturer Steve and adjusted my model so it’s finally complete!

The biggest adjustment was fixing some stray vertices that weren’t needed. To fix this I target welded them to existing vertices and then I re-aligned all the vertices from the center of my model to made sure they fit the middle of the scene. This is so when the symmetry modifier is applied, there aren’t any vertices or polygons overlapping onto the other side. I also had to add extra loops on the legs and tail so that there weren’t too many long polygons that might morph weirdly when animated. Here’s the final model!


I then needed to unwrap the model! I found the modelling not too difficult, but definitely time consuming. And here’s my final model with the unwrap on as well!



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