After my last post about my Wrath design, I needed to create a colour palette for him. I already knew that I wanted to have a colour palette for him that was almost entirely monochromatic with reds, as red is the colour most commonly associated with Wrath. I also knew that my characterisation of Wrath was very fiery and so, I first tried to create a colour scheme without reference or other outside sources. This was the result.


It was very monochromatic as I had wanted, but as is clear, there wasn’t much depth to the palette. It was too simple and didn’t emit enough energy for this aggressive character. So for my next attempt, I knew I needed to try use some brighter colours so, taking the fiery part of his character quite literally, I took colours from a photograph of fire to try find a palette that would project this character’s aggressiveness and animosity. Here was the next result.


The colours were definitely bringing more life to the character, however at this point he looked less aggressive and more like some sort of Autumn king. I was a bit stuck at this point. I needed something that was in between the two of these palettes, as both had aspects of what I needed. That was when I had the idea to try and meet the two palettes in the middle.. with opacity. I made both layers of palettes visible and then set both of them to 50% opacity to literally create a palette in between the two. ibetweenpaletterino

The colours were obviously very muted, but after playing with different levels of opacity and then adjusting certain colours to what looked best, I finally came to the final palette!


In the final palette, I also added some yellow, or ‘gold’, trimming to his coat as suggested by Katie! It made the jacket pop out a lot more and compliments the other ‘gold’ items in the design. After this it’s onto background design!


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