PROJECT OVERVIEW The class project was to create a 3d environment with textured assets, animated creatures and audio that a player could walk through and explore. Each person was to create 1 organic asset and 1 man made asset along with an animated creature of their own design with 2 animations. KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS One of […]


Painting Then & Now

Painting has been around for as long as anyone can recall. Dating back possibly 40,0000 years ago when the first cave paintings were created. Cave paintings often depicted images of animals and of people, usually hunting and it’s believed that these pieces of work were completed by¬† Neanderthals. In the beginning of painting that’s all […]

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Colour Theory in Character Design

For my Concept Project I had to take a lot into consideration when designing both Wrath and Sloth. Visual Fundamentals are absolutely necessary to consider when designing charcaters because the whole character has to be appealing to the eye but also portray the character’s personality/present them in a way that best expresses their style or […]

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Project Pipeline

For my Concept Project that I have now completed, there was a very specific set of steps I followed throughout the project in order to create the final products. This was essentially the pipeline I followed! I figured out what my processes would be and what steps I should take by looking at the Frozen […]

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Concept Project Pt. 8

The final palette and composition was decided for the painting and all that was left was to actually paint the scene! For this painting I had to use some slightly different techniques. Because the character in the scene didn’t already have a lineart and colour, when I blew up the thumbnail to final size and […]

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Concept Project Pt. 7

After my final design for Sloth was completed I needed to start thinking about the background next. However I also needed to think about the posing of the character. When completing Wrath and drawing the lineart for his final pose I hadn’t taken into consideration how difficult it would be to create the scene around […]

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