3d Asset Creation

For our class’ creature menagerie project everyone in our class needed to create two assets for the final unreal environment. This meant, one man-made object and one organic. The items I created were very quickly chosen. I was to be in charge of unwrapping and  texturing the stained glass for the ceiling of levels one and two. As for the organic asset, I knew what I wanted to make basically straight away. I wanted to create something that was a little different and something that could be challenging but fun. I chose to create a generic animal carcass.

After I received the glass asset file from Brandon, I imported it into 3dsmax and began to unwrap it. The sides of the glass didn’t need to be unwrapped incredibly well as they wouldn’t be seen in the final product and only one side of the glass would actually have the ‘stained glass’ image on it. Unwrapping was relatively easy for the glass, and texturing shouldn’t have been much of an issue. However when I went to texture the UVs in photoshop, for some unknown reason, when I drew on the file, it didn’t appear in the place it should have on the file. Though this wasn’t ideal, it didn’t stop the process too much. All I needed to do was shift the actual drawing on the layer till it appeared on the correct spot on the 3d model. The actual texturing process wasn’t too difficult, it just took a bit of time to complete it. Here was the end result.


The carcass asset was actually quite fun to create. I created the basic structure and shapes in 3ds max, so that the basic form would be quite solid and strong. I then imported it into mudbox and used the sculpting tools to form the meat on the bones for it. To add texture to the bones I used one of the textured brushes with the sculpting tools. The painting was quite simple. I painted the bones an off-white and added light red marks on them to indicate blood. The meat on the model was made a flesh-pink and I added white scratch marks with another brush to added another level of believability. Here was the end result! I was very happy with it in the end.



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