Concept Project Pt.4

After deciding on colours for my character, the next most important step was to start creating the scene I would be painting the character in. Scene creation and environmental drawing is an area of the drawing field I have rarely covered so far. Because of this, I followed this tutorial on how to start and work on the thumbnailing process. I found it a big help in creating my first initial thumbnails and then the coloured ones.

Capture Capture

At this stage, I wanted to move forward, however I thought it was best to receive feedback on which thumbnails looked best to continue with. I asked many creatives I know to pick their favourite 2 or 3 and these were the results.


So, after receiving some input from others, I went on to develop the thumbnails which were picked the most ( The one on the left upper corner and the one in the middle up the top). My first step was to enlarge them to the size of the final canvas, and then begin to refine the thumbnails for a clearer idea of what would and wouldn’t work for the final scene.

Capture Capture2

After refinement of the sketches, taking both my own and another artist friend of mine’s opinion into consideration, I decided to go through with the image on the left. It felt more intense, and the plainer scene meant it wouldn’t draw away from the character as much as the other might have. With the scene decided, there was only one thing left to do. Paint it all together. Which I will discuss in my next blog post about the Seven Sins project!


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