Concept Project Pt. 5

Digital painting can be both, very difficult and very fun. And I think the best way to ever approach a digital painting is to maybe expect to face a challenge or even several. It’s all a process of learning what works best for you and most efficiently as well. When starting the painting process for my environment, I at first jumped straight in and tried to see what I could do with the level of knowledge i had on digital painting at the time, without directly referencing anything in particular. This did eventually make it difficult for me. So I found a video in the same playlist the environment video was from, where it showed a speedpaint of the artist completing an illustration. I watched what processes the artist seemed to use, and decided to use a photoshop brush that was more rough for the painting, similarly as to how Cam Skyes had in his video. And to make sure I would be going in the right direction with painting, I also found a reference picture, so my painting would contain believability. Here was the final painted background along with the reference I used.



While painting the background may have been difficult and time consuming, painting over the Wrath image was probably the biggest challenge for me. Due to poor planning beforehand, the pose looked a little stiff but I decided to paint with it in the end because it was a good pose to give him the shape I wanted. The first step I took was painting the very basics of the shadows and lighting over the character. How I usually paint, is I set up the main shapes and colours first before I then paint over. This is a technique I’ve also noticed some other artists use.

Most of the painting process for the character just involved a lot of playing with brush settings and taking the time and patience to paint all the details and shadows in the character. At one stage however, when nearing the end of the painting process, I showed the picture in progress to Katie my lecturer, who brought up that the colours looked flat. Katie suggested to indicate the presence of fire somewhere close off screen to add another light source and help give the image extra depth. I considered Katie’s feedback, and while looking over the image myself, I completely agreed with what she said. So I spent time starting to work in a new light source and some extra shadowing for the character. With perseverence and patience, I finished the piece. I even added a screen layer above the characters colorus so that I could create a nice shine on the gold items on his character. (This was suggested by Katie as well, and in my opinion was definitely a wise decision to help bring the final picture together). Here is the final product of the Wrath painting!



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