Concept Project Pt.6

The next section of my project, essentially mimics the first half of it. The next character I began to design was Sloth, and I would be following the same steps I used to create my final Wrath illustration. However for Sloth I had to skip the first initial Silhouette step. That week I had been pre-occupied creating assets for a games group and hence I went ahead and instead started the designs at the sketch stage. I already had some initial ideas for the character so I started with those and let the character take shape as I drew.

Capture Capture2 Capture3 Capture4

As I drew, I thought it would be interesting if I tried to bring Sloth’s design back around to Wrath’s which was themed somewhat medieval. So I went with the idea of some kind of princess or bride that was left at the alter, with some kind of tragedy  that had destroyed all that she cared for. And so after that she decided to stop caring at all. I ended up continuing with the final sketch posted above as I felt it was giving a good silhouette and pushing in the direction I wanted. So I tried to take that design and do a more refined version of it.


I’m quite happy with this design as it gives off a heavy feeling in the character thanks to the large dress skirt and the long sleeves for the character’s outfit. It also evokes the sleepy feeling I had intended when first starting the design.

Picking colours for the design was rather simple for myself as I had a very specific end image in my mind. I wanted to use soft dull colours to emphasise the heaviness, laziness and drowsiness of the character. I also included some aspects of blue into the character. This was to just bring back a bit more of life into the character so she didn’t look completely dull. I chose blue to do this because it contrasted well and because it’s the colour most commonly associated with the sin Sloth.



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