Creature Design Pt.5 – Texturing and animating

After unwrapping my creature in 3dsmax, I needed to import my little guy into mudbox so that I could paint on the model! I chose to use mudbox because, being a very visual person, I find it difficult to paint textures away from the model and having to worry about whether things will match up perfectly. Using mudbox meant I would be painting where I intended to and made it much easier for me to complete the texturing! However, before I started textures I had to fix some vertices errors!

At first when I imported into mudbox, errors would come up and tell me there were issues with multiple vertices in small areas and wouldn’t allow me to texture. So, with trial and error I fixed up the small errors in my model according to the error reports I was getting, till mudbox accepted the model successfully. After it was imported successfully, It was a simple and rather speedy process for me to texture the creature. All I needed to do was paint it using the different types of brushes available in mudbox, and I soon had this end result!


I was very happy with how the texture came out in the end, and I’ve found that I really enjoy using mudbox! 🙂

However after texturing I inevitably had to do the rigging, skinning and animating for my model! At first I went into the process optimistically! I made a CAT rig for my model which seemed to work fine, and I was using a walk layer in the motion tab as quick animation test. I skinned according to this and it looked fine, until I actually animated the CAT rig for one of my animations.


The legs and the tail obviously had a lot of issues within the skinning. I spent hours after this trying to fix the skinning, and even had help from several classmates so that it would work. I had to move tons of vertices and made a seperate test animation so I could re-skin several parts of my model. After a lot of work and feedback from Steve and other classmates I finally got it to this place, where I am happy with how it looks!


In my next creature post, I’ll discuss my second animation and importing it into unreal engine!


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