Creature Design Pt. 6 – Animating and Exporting

After fixing the skinning for my first animation, completing the second animation was quite simple actually. After animating the rig, there weren’t any deformities in the skinning which was a big relief. In the end, the second animation wasn’t imported into the game because there were enough issues as there was with the first one. However here is a video of it, matched with it’s unique creature sound made by audio student Sam Mclean! 🙂

Now to discuss my process of actually getting my creature into the game! The actual steps to import it should have been simple enough, exporting the creature with the animation layer on and then importing into Unreal. The steps should have been simple, but as with most things in 3d, it wasn’t as simple as it first seemed. Upon trying to import the file, Unreal continuously came up with error messages. A recurring one had been that bones in the rig had the same name. That should have been a simple fix– After renaming every bone on the CAT rig I then tried it again only to find it still had errors which I didn’t understand. At this stage I asked my fellow classmate Kate if she could help me figure out the problem. And after looking over the rig, she discovered that someone, two sets of ankles had been created for the rig’s back legs. The mysterious second pair had been hidden inside the proper bones however! Kate tried to see if deleting the bones would work however it made my skinning worse than ever before. Thankfully though, Kate stuck through and eventually helped me figure out a way to fix the skins while still deleting the strange duplicate bones. I was so relieved when it imported into Unreal successfully I might’ve almost cried :’D After a blog to discuss my asset creation process I’ll post some final gifs of my products in the game!


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