Concept Project Pt. 7

After my final design for Sloth was completed I needed to start thinking about the background next. However I also needed to think about the posing of the character. When completing Wrath and drawing the lineart for his final pose I hadn’t taken into consideration how difficult it would be to create the scene around the specific pose instead of drawing him to a pose that best suits the scene. This was definitely a step in my pipeline that I hadn’t thought through enough and ended up making scene development more difficult for me. So this time I didn’t complete a lineart for my character. I left the design as a sketch so I could draw Sloth’s pose to fit the scene rather than the other way around. An initial idea I had for the scene was for her to be sleeping by a window like so:


And for the final composition I decided to go with a very similar pose, even including the curtains and victorian lounge. However before getting to the final sketch I had a great idea. Sloth is the personification of laziness, complete lack of effort, apathy. Such a un-phased character would continue to live their life without worrying about clutter or mess. All this inspired me to create their scene extremely cluttered and messy, filled with several objects, just like Howl’s room in Howl’s Moving Castle.

So with a bit of development, I managed to come up with final composition and began the thumbnailing stage for colours:


Just like I had with the Wrath thumbnails, I asked the opinion of a handful of other creatives on which colour scheme they liked best and I also took in my own opinion for consideration. Based on those results the one I decided to work with was the one in the center top row. In my next post I’ll discuss the final painting process and the final presentation for this project.


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