The class project was to create a 3d environment with textured assets, animated creatures and audio that a player could walk through and explore. Each person was to create 1 organic asset and 1 man made asset along with an animated creature of their own design with 2 animations.


One of the biggest accomplishments for the project in my opinion were the final product of the Menagerie in the Unreal environment. It looked very visually appealing and the environment was exciting to walk around. People’s individual creature designs were also a great achievement as each one looked unique and different from each other’s.  I think especially in the end, everyone’s co-operation over the last few days was what helped pull everyone over the finish line which was good.


While everyone did co-operate well, some people didn’t work as hard as others and this frustrated some class mates. I also believe the whole class needed to communicate with each other more. People won’t know what’s going on if they don’t communicate with others and this leads to work not being completed correctly or on time. I feel like I personally wasn’t a very good leader, as I could’ve checked up with my team mates more often and kept more up to date with what was happening in class. I needed to be more active with my team. I also believe several people in the class are rather against working in 3d despite all the experience in it, which makes a lot of us avoid the work for a while, meaning it’s left till late. I believe the class should’ve used naming conventions for our files. While in the end it all turned out okay, files weren’t organised by name very well and certain processes would have been easier if they were. And I believe our class’ inability to follow the schedule despite having it presented to us at the beginning was very problematic. It meant we didn’t ever complete work on time and hence put a lot more pressure and stress on ourselves at the end.


Time management is very important and I believe most of the class could improve on it. Schedules are also important for the same reasons as they keep people organised so they don’t lose their way during production.

Working in a team requires a lot of communication and the same amount of effort from everyone. In-person meetings are more likely to motivate people and making sure everyone in the group is up to date will avoid missed work in the future.

Naming conventions and very structured folders for files will make things easier, especially in a collaborative environment.

Working with 3d is difficult and there will almost always be bugs or errors or hurdles to tackle, so you need to leave time for these to happen, because they will.

Taking initiative and working on work as soon as it’s given to the class is more beneficial, stalling just makes things worse closer to the end of the project.


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