Cave in the Sky Project Work

It’s been a while since i’ve made a blog, sorry about that! I haven’t been sure about what to post and what not to and then kept forgetting to post at all. But I’m ready to pick up the slack haha.

Recently the studio classes at college were all assigned to work on a piece of work that would be made for a real client. It was a compulsory task for everyone doing animation studio, so we had a lot of people working on it! And because of that a lot of different thigns were going on at once, which got confusing at times, but trying and learning to work better in a big team is something all of us probably need more experience with!

Most of the work I completed for the project was concepting. In the first weeks I listened to songs and pieces made by the client and tried to design abstract silhouetted animals according to the different feelings I got from the music.


After discussing the artwork with Dakota, our project lead, she clarified that we need creatures that are less abtract and spiritual looking and more realistically animal looking. After taking this on board I went away and redrew some of the designs in the previous image as realistic creatures.


Two of these concepts were chosen and then modelled by other members of the team. I drew the modelling sheet for the creature based off a chipmunk, and Margo drew the modelling sheet for the floating bird.


I also did a quick painting for the background design team!


Other than these things, I’ve just generally been discussing art style with other background art team members and discussing how to unify the style.  I won’t be continuing on with the Cave in the Sky project, however I’m sure the final product will be great.


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