Tourmaline Zine – Project Plan

For CIU and Final Project, Sianna Choc, Gloria Chung and I have been developing a zine that aims to positively represent LGBTQ+ individuals and place them in relatable situations. The goal is that people viewing the zine will be able to identify with the LGBTQ+ individuals within the illustrations even if they don’t identify within […]

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CITS – Assistant Art Lead

The Cave in the Sky project was a project that was very daunting in the beginning, however at the start I believed I’d find a way to enjoy it and create work for it. Interested in perhaps what the art side of the project would be, and the kind’ve work I thought i’d be creating, […]

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Hansel and Gretel – Modelling

Creating the Hansel and Gretel Models was something I was nervous about at first, however once I got stuck into the work, I completed it rather quickly! All models for the final scene are created now 🙂 Now they just need unwraps and textures before I place them in all together! Modelling the characters was […]

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