CITS – Assistant Art Lead

The Cave in the Sky project was a project that was very daunting in the beginning, however at the start I believed I’d find a way to enjoy it and create work for it. Interested in perhaps what the art side of the project would be, and the kind’ve work I thought i’d be creating, I applied and received the role of the Assitant Art Lead! At first I was excited to receieve the role, but in coming weeks that feeling definitely changed.

The role I received would mean it was necessary for me to communicate with the Art Lead and other Leads consistently, to help the Art Lead direct the rest of the art team, create concept art for the project and give feedback and criticism to the art team’s work in order to help us refine the visual style of the project.

When I received the role, I assumed that I would be discussing things with Angelica (The Art Lead) quite thouroughly throughout the whole process and that i’d be able to do bits of work for her that perhaps she couldn’t get to in order to help her and the rest of the art team, however what actually happened when I received the role was much different to this. Neither Angelica or I contacted each other much at all which was a mistake we both made. Because I hadn’t tried to discuss things with Angelica more, I was constantly unsure of what art direction we were going for. We had a pinterest board with a lot of images on it, which was the biggest help to the art team in terms of art direction and style, but other than that there was little guide for what we intended to do. Another part of the problem was that, Angelica became sick for quite a few weeks and wasn’t able to attend class. I messaged her briefly about covering for her in her absence and tried to ask about what I needed to know for the art direction but it became clear there weren’t necessarily any specific details to our art style at that point. I was unsure where to go with the team at this point, so while Angelica was sick, I just told the team to continue creating concepts as we weren’t sure what else could be done. During this time, I only made a couple of concepts myself, which was an error I made in the confusion and pressure from the project. After Angelica came back from being sick, I left the project to do specialisation work instead.

Because of my lack of initiative and poor reaction to the stress of the situation in CITS I was unable to fulfill my role properly, which ended up putting a lot more stress on one of our biggest leads, Dakota. It also meant that the art team for the project were even more lost and confused than I felt, which resulted in lots of concepts being made but not necesarily a lot of them being used in the end as the art style drastically changed afterwards. In the situation I should have communicated more with Angelica and the other team leads so I could have helped us more and perhaps brought more to the project as a whole, however I did not. In future when volunteering for a role, I will take necessary actions to help the team in whatever way I can instead of letting the size of the project intimidate and paralyse me like it did this time.


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