Hansel & Gretel – Final Scene and Lighting experiments

For the final scene, after my last render of it, I decided that the lighting could use some improvement from the basic stage it was at. So I looked into different lighting solutions and tutorials and came across this tutorial. I really liked how the program set the lighting depending on the time of day you could set it too. So I downloaded the Vray demo for 3dsmax 2015. I followed the tutorial to the way they set it up, however decided that I then wanted a more afternoon/warm kind’ve tone to the lighting. So I set the time to about 3:30pm in the settings and made the filter colour orange to mimic the effect that a sunset light might have on the scene. However I still wasn’t quite happy with how it looked, so I played around with the walls and floor of my scene and realised that at some point the opacities of them has been lowered, which was why my scene looked so strange! So after raising their opacities again, I rendered it once more and was finally happy with the final result. Below is a video of the different renders I completed  with the Vray lighting system.

The scene last time was also lacking more aspects to really give the models a proper environment. So I modelled a quick tree, copied it several times, rotated it and places it slightly differently then copied to the other side. I then made the back ones black to replicate the darker shadows of a thick forest.



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