Concept Project Pt. 8

The final palette and composition was decided for the painting and all that was left was to actually paint the scene! For this painting I had to use some slightly different techniques. Because the character in the scene didn’t already have a lineart and colour, when I blew up the thumbnail to final size and […]

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Concept Project Pt. 7

After my final design for Sloth was completed I needed to start thinking about the background next. However I also needed to think about the posing of the character. When completing Wrath and drawing the lineart for his final pose I hadn’t taken into consideration how difficult it would be to create the scene around […]

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Concept Project Pt.6

The next section of my project, essentially mimics the first half of it. The next character I began to design was Sloth, and I would be following the same steps I used to create my final Wrath illustration. However for Sloth I had to skip the first initial Silhouette step. That week I had been […]

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