Concept Project Pt. 5

Digital painting can be both, very difficult and very fun. And I think the best way to ever approach a digital painting is to maybe expect to face a challenge or even several. It’s all a process of learning what works best for you and most efficiently as well. When starting the painting process for […]

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Concept Project Pt.4

After deciding on colours for my character, the next most important step was to start creating the scene I would be painting¬†the character in. Scene creation and environmental drawing is an area of the drawing field I have rarely covered so far. Because of this, I followed this tutorial on how to start and work […]

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Since my last concept design post, I’ve continued to work on the overall design of my own version of Wrath! I left off last time with just some sketches over thumbnails, which was just the beginning of my development. Just after I made that post, I had a discussion with Katie (our teacher), about the […]