Hansel and Gretel – Modelling

Creating the Hansel and Gretel Models was something I was nervous about at first, however once I got stuck into the work, I completed it rather quickly! All models for the final scene are created now 🙂 Now they just need unwraps and textures before I place them in all together! Modelling the characters was […]

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Applying Research to Design

For my specialisation this tri i’ve decided to create some 3d assets that will be lowpoly and designed for the fairytale, Hansel and Gretel. The idea is that although the characters will be low-poly they will be textured with bright, detailed textures which will make them appear more detailed than they are. For the start […]

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Cave in the Sky Project Work

It’s been a while since i’ve made a blog, sorry about that! I haven’t been sure about what to post and what not to and then kept forgetting to post at all. But I’m ready to pick up the slack haha. Recently the studio classes at college were all assigned to work on a piece […]

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PROJECT OVERVIEW The class project was to create a 3d environment with textured assets, animated creatures and audio that a player could walk through and explore. Each person was to create 1 organic asset and 1 man made asset along with an animated creature of their own design with 2 animations. KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS One of […]


Painting Then & Now

Painting has been around for as long as anyone can recall. Dating back possibly 40,0000 years ago when the first cave paintings were created. Cave paintings often depicted images of animals and of people, usually hunting and it’s believed that these pieces of work were completed by  Neanderthals. In the beginning of painting that’s all […]

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